Frequently asked questions

Hello Freshchef Fam!

Here is a list of frequent asked questions to get you prepared for delivery day. If you feel there should be a question on here to provide more value to others, please email us directly at [email protected]

Ordering Process

Freshchef Meal Prep is not a subscription service. We understand that you have busy lives and may not have to order every week. You can order week to week when you will need meals.

The new menu is released every Friday before 10am and you will have until Thursday Noon to place an order for the following Mondays Delivery

  • You’ve made it this far! Next you will need to visit the Order Here Tab to choose your meals for the week.
  • If you are looking for more customization you can also check out our bulk section | Add on Sections. Both bulk and the meals can be ordered together.
  • They both are delivered on Mondays between 4-8pm

Yes! We welcome everyone with a 20% discount off of their first purchase. Use freshchef20 at checkout.

  • No worries! After your purchase you can go into your profile (best through desktop, or laptop) and update your shipping address.
  • You can also email us at [email protected]

All gift cards are digital. Once you purchase a gift card you will be emailed a code to redeem for the card. Then you will have to forward the email to the person receiving the email.


All of our meals are prepared in a licensed commercial kitchen and are portion controlled in individual containers that are ready for reheat and eat.

Yes, the meals can be frozen for up to two weeks in the freezer and be taken out and placed into the refrigerator the night before consumption.

Yes we include heating instructions. Every week with your delivery you will receive a paper menu with the meals that you ordered along with the macros, description of the meals and its macros.

Yes and no. We use an app named MyFitnessPal to calculate the macros for each meal. There are components in the app that are verified and give 100% accuracy of the food and there are also components that are not verified and entered in by a user that may not be 100% accurate.

Yes. We use Kirkland organic olive oil while cooking. The amount we use is for every 10lbs of product we use 2-3 ounces of oil for cooking.

Yes, the majority of our meals are low in sodium. For salt we do use pink Himalayan sea salt that is not bleached and does not give a spike in blood pressure. We do encourage you to salt your food after it’s warmed to enhance the meals. For best value use a high quality sea salt or pink salt.

We do not.

Meals should be good for five days from delivery, with Saturday as the last day for consumption. All meals should be kept in the refrigerator’s coldest area, usually the back. Seafood meals should be consumed within three days of delivery. Meals can be frozen for up to one week and taken out and into the refrigerator one day before consumption.

Yes we do offer KETO meals. They will be labeled as KF on the menu but not offered weekly. If you would like a consistent KETO offering, we encourage you to check out our bulk section and filter to KETO.

Delivery Day

Delivery Day is every Monday between 4-8pm.

Every Monday an email will be sent out reminding you about deliveries. A delivery driver will reach out to you either call or text to let you know that they are in route with deliveries and will let you know when you are next in line, and how many minutes until arrival.

Although we would love to meet you and deliver the meals to you personally, it is not required for you to be home upon delivery. It is encouraged to provide your driver with a cooler or a bag to place the meals in to keep cool during the warmer months. We also have insulated bags for purchase on our website. The driver will take a picture and let you know that you meals will be delivered.

All freshchef meals are delivered in a brown paper bags with you name on it along with the drivers initials. If you have a cooler or a bag that you would like your meals placed in, please place the bag outside the door and communicate with you driver that you would like them placed in there.