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Herman Lynn is a certified nutritionist and certified personal trainer through International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) with a specialization in strength training. Freshchef Meal Prep is partnering with him to help you reach your health goals. Freshchef customers get 50% off of nutrition/fitness coaching for their first month.

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Wisconsin Athletic Club

The WAC and their trainers have helped shape me into the person I wanted to become, mentally and physically. I cant express my gratitude enough for these wonderful facilites. Sign up today and enjoy 14 days for free on us! Take a tour and fall in love with the gyms just like I did! Thank you agian for your amazing support!


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Integrative Health & Wellness

Info from their website:

“Integrative Health & Wellness takes a scientific approach to helping individuals reach their best health! Our services help you understand your body’s specific nutritional needs.

Offering body composition analysis, food sensitivity testing, genetic testing and more, Integrative Health and Wellness knows what it takes to help you be your best self.”

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Balance Fitness

Balance Fitness and Freshchef has teamed up for you to Receive a free week! Call and Sign up today! 414-405-2855

Balance Fitness exists to help its clients and coaches Live Balance Fit by providing the best personal training and small group training service anywhere. Our custom health and performance coaching service empowers all participants to accomplish more than they could or would without us by providing:

  • Expert coaching
  • Evidence based nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle education
  • Accountability

Personal Trainers | Glendale, WI | Balance Fitness and Wellness LLC (livebalancefit.com)

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Marchese Produce

When it comes to produce there is no other company in Milwaukee that we trust. Marchese has always done a fantastic job with their standards when it comes to quality, customers service and delivery. They always have a great selection of seasonal produce and organic offerings when available! Check them out below!

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Superior Fresh, Salmon

Our founder Austin has two passions in food. If you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s beef and seafood! BUT beef and seafood isn’t all the same. It all comes down to how the animal was fed and treated. At freshchef we are all about ethical practices. The saying is true, you are what you eat. Our salmon is the best, and we mean the BEST! Find out more below!

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Wisconsin Meadows, Beef

When it comes to beef, the feed and the life animal is the most important. Conventional beef is not our standard when it comes to feeding you.

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Plant Joy, Soups

I absolutely loves soups! But I am not good at making it. Not as good as Amberlea at Plant Joy. Every week the taste of her soups never disappoint! Always loaded with nutritional ingredients and flavor! Find out more about Amberlea and her story below!

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Redmond Real Salt

When it comes to flavor, salt is key. It is also a major key in your health. Not all salt is equal. The white salt and table salt that you may use at home is striped from its minerals and nutrients and has zero nutritional value.

So, in order to keep our standards high we use the Real Salt! Unrefined Mineral Sea Salt.

OH, and did we mention that this salt is mined here in the United States?!

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Small World Family Farm

Most have never heard of Micro Greens. Starting September 2022, we will start incorporating micro greens into our salad mix to optimize our salad program!
Micro Greens are young vegetable plants that are high in nutrients and are easy to use in mostly any dish. Our greens are grown to order and harvested within ten days to maximize the freshness for our product.

You can learn more about Small World Family and their product here on their website.



Hundred Acre

If you had the chance to enjoy our salads and noticed the nice crisp and firm greens, then you need to be introducded to Hundred Acre Milwaukee. We met Chris via Instagram and within two weeks his product was in our dishes! They have a great mission here in Milwaukee and we are so proud and honored to ride along with them!
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BB Cakes Bakery

Life is about balance! So, there is nothing wrong with treating yourself to a Cookie or a Brownie from BB Cakes Bakey! Chef Austin’s favorite is the Triple Chocolate Chunk. You can find out more about Brianne’s business and her journey here!