Marchese Produce

When it comes to produce there is no other company in Milwaukee that we trust. Marchese has always done a fantastic job with their standards when it comes to quality, customers service and delivery. They always have a great selection of seasonal produce and organic offerings when available! Check them out below!

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Superior Fresh, Salmon

Our founder Austin has two passions in food. If you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s beef and seafood! BUT beef and seafood isn’t all the same. It all comes down to how the animal was fed and treated. At freshchef we are all about ethical practices. The saying is true, you are what you eat. Our salmon is the best, and we mean the BEST! Find out more below!

Find out more about our Salmon here – Superior Fresh

Wisconsin Meadows, Beef

When it comes to beef, the feed and the life animal is the most important. Conventional beef is not our standard when it comes to feeding you.

Find out more about our Beef here – Wisconsin Meadows


Plant Joy, Soups

I absolutely loves soups! But I am not good at making it. Not as good as Amberlea at Plant Joy. Every week the taste of her soups never disappoint! Always loaded with nutritional ingredients and flavor! Find out more about Amberlea and her story below!

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