Pesto With Purpose

PESTO WITH PURPOSE is a local, premium product made in, by, and for Wisconsin. This 100% Italian basil-pesto is harvested, produced, and batched in the heart of Milwaukee on a weekly basis year-round, providing an unmatched handmade artisanal quality. It is a collaboration from farm to kitchen to your shelf, offering customers a unique new way to give back. Proceeds from the sales are donated to local hunger relief organizations to help fight food insecurity. Milwaukee can now eat Pesto with Purpose!
Locally Owned, Grown, and Batched
All natural | No preservatives

Chirs Corkey - Farmer

Hundred Acre Opened its doors in 2022 as Wisconsin’s largest indoor urban farm, located in the heart of Milwaukee with a mission to reinvent the food system. The vertical hydroponic operation grows premium fresh greens year-round to support Southeast Wisconsin food businesses. In addition to reinforcing a healthier local supply chain, they provide entry level training and hands-on educational opportunities to combat food insecurity in their underserved communities.
Learn more about Hundred-Acre at Hundred Acre – Milwaukee, WI (

Austin Vetter - Chef

During the challenges of the pandemic, Freshchef recognized that they weren’t alone in the struggle to sustain a small business. Leveraging their robust social media following, they devised a strategy to support local businesses by forging collaborations with fellow small enterprises, fostering brand awareness for both parties. The commitment to assisting small businesses became a driving force for Freshchef, leading to a meaningful partnership with Hundred Acre.

Initially incorporating Hundred Acre’s spring mix into their salad program, the collaboration deepened over time. Chris from Hundred Acre approached Chef Austin with the idea of creating a basil pesto using the fresh basil grown on his farm. Over the course of a year, small batches of this artisanal pesto were crafted and showcased at farmers’ markets. Fast forward another year, and this unique collaboration has grown to the point where the basil pesto is now proudly featured on store shelves, reaching a wider audience. This journey not only exemplifies resilience but also underscores the power of community support and collaboration in navigating uncertain times.