• Sale! *Freshchef Insulated Bag!

    *Freshchef Insulated Bag!

    SUMMER IS HERE! This bag will help keep your meals cold if you are not home for delivery! Once bag is purchased, it is for you to keep. It will come with an ice pack to keep food cold. Do not throw away ice pack. Place back into the bag on Monday for deliveries to keep your food cold upon delivery. Place outside your door. 
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  • *Texas Candy - That Taco Guy

    *Texas Candy – That Taco Guy

    If you follow food trucks like we do, then you for sure know about The Acosta Family and the That Taco Guy Food Truck. Get their amazing relish Texas Candy (candied jalapenos) delivered straight to your door Monday night! We can promise you one jar wont last in your house for more than a week. So order two while you can! Use it as relish on your brats or burgers, top off your pizza, or tacos!
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  • #1 Four Meal Pack

    #1 Four Meal Pack

  • #2 Six Meal Pack

    #2 Six Meal Pack

    12.50/Meal *MOST POPULAR*
  • #3 Eight Meal Pack

    #3 Eight Meal Pack

  • #4 Ten Meal Pack

    #4 Ten Meal Pack

  • #5 Twelve Meal Pack

    #5 Twelve Meal Pack

  • #6 Fifteen Meal Pack

    #6 Fifteen Meal Pack

  • #7 Twenty Meal Pack

    #7 Twenty Meal Pack


    **Best Offer**

  • 451Calories
    1-Smoked Ham Breakfast Sandwich

    1-Smoked Ham Breakfast Sandwich

    English Muffin, hand cut carved ham, scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, served with spring mix salad, roasted roma tomato, chipotle aioli.
    451 calories
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  • 338Calories
    2-Seasonal Egg BItes gf/kf

    2-Seasonal Egg BItes gf/kf

    Steak, roasted mushroom and onions, mozzarella cheese. Served with spinach, jack's cantina salsa, bed of spinach and choice of roasted potatoes or berries.
    338 calories


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  • 487Calories
    3-The Italian Stallion Salad

    3-The Italian Stallion Salad

    487 calories

    {"sku":"","label":"NO CHEESE","price":"","image":"","price_type":"quantity_based","checked":null,"allergens":"","calories":0,"protein":0,"carbs":0,"fat":0,"fiber":0,"sugar":0,"sodium":0,"ingredients":"","ingamounts":"","ingramounts":"","ingshows":"","ingredients_desc":""}

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  • 450Calories
    4-Buttered Chicken gf/kf

    4-Buttered Chicken gf/kf

    Originated from northern India. Roasted chicken thighs smothered in a spiced tomato butter cream sauce, served with steamed cilantro rice, and green beans. Garnished with red bell pepper and cilantro.
    450 calories

    {"sku":"","label":"CAULIFLOWER RICE","price":"1.00","image":"","price_type":"flat_fee","checked":null,"checked2":null,"option_checked":null,"allergens":"","ingredients":"","ingamounts":"","ingramounts":"","ingshows":"","ingredients_desc":"","calories":"0","protein":"0","carbs":"0","fat":"0","fiber":"0","sugar":"0","sodium":"0"}

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  • 421Calories
    5-Philly Cheesesteak Bowl  gf

    5-Philly Cheesesteak Bowl gf

    Garlic and onion ground beef topped with mozzarella cheese, served with peppers and onions, roasted mushrooms, steamed white rice and cheddar cheese sauce.  Sub cauliflower rice for low carb
    421 calories

    {"sku":"","label":"NO CHEESE, NO SAUCE","price":"","image":"","price_type":"quantity_based","checked":null,"checked2":null,"option_checked":null,"allergens":"","ingredients":"","ingamounts":"","ingramounts":"","ingshows":"","ingredients_desc":""}

    {"sku":"","label":"CAULIFLOWER RICE","price":"1.25","image":"","price_type":"flat_fee","checked":null,"checked2":null,"option_checked":null,"allergens":"","ingredients":"","ingamounts":"","ingramounts":"","ingshows":"","ingredients_desc":""}


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  • 406Calories
    6-Turkey “Egg Roll” Stir Fry gf/df

    6-Turkey “Egg Roll” Stir Fry gf/df

    Soy ginger garlic ground turkey breast, roasted cabbage, carrots, peas, corn, bell pepper, asparagus, sesame and scallion. Served with a sweet chili mayo. Made with gluten free soy sauce
    406 calories

    {"sku":"","label":"CHILI SESAME ROASTED CHICKPEAS","price":"2.50","image":"","price_type":"flat_fee","checked":null,"checked2":null,"option_checked":null,"allergens":"","ingredients":"","ingamounts":"","ingramounts":"","ingshows":"","ingredients_desc":""}

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  • 685Calories
    7-Cajun Salmon and Quinoa gf/df

    7-Cajun Salmon and Quinoa gf/df

    Blackened roasted salmon filet, served with a corn and black bean southwest quinoa salad, blanched broccoli, fresh lime and chipotle cream sauce.
    685 calories

    {"sku":"","label":"CAULIFLOER RICE","price":"1.25","image":"","price_type":"flat_fee","checked":null,"checked2":null,"option_checked":null,"allergens":"","ingredients":"","ingamounts":"","ingramounts":"","ingshows":"","ingredients_desc":""}

    {"sku":"","label":"SUB WHITE RICE","price":"","image":"","price_type":"quantity_based","checked":null,"checked2":null,"option_checked":null,"allergens":"","ingredients":"","ingamounts":"","ingramounts":"","ingshows":"","ingredients_desc":""}

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  • Black Bean Soup

    Black Bean Soup

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  • Blanched Asparagus

    Blanched Asparagus

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  • Blanched Broccoli

    Blanched Broccoli

    One Pound Blanched Broccoli
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  • Blanched Green Beans

    Blanched Green Beans

    One Pound Blanched Green Beans
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  • Chicken Breast

    Chicken Breast

    One Pound Roasted Chicken Breast
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