Keeping hope alive one meal at a time


Lewis Weich 

I joined Freshchef Meal Prep in September 2019… I was struggling with finding consistent time and good nutrition while beginning a weight loss journey just a few months prior. Freshchef helped me with delicious and filling meals which helped my unhealthy eating habits and relieved the stress of grocery shopping / meal shopping for a busy week. Thank you Freshchef for helping me on my journey and your continued support into my personal life and story!


 After reading about Freshchef and Austin Vetter in the Milwaukee Journal last winter I was instantly intrigued. I do not like cooking, but I am extremely interested in healthy eating. I call myself “vegan ish” because I try to avoid eating meat. I decided to try Fresh Chef to see if Austin could meet my culinary needs. After placing my first order I was hooked. I was so impressed with the taste and quality of the entrees. I even posted information about Fresh Chef in my apartment building thinking that there may be other “reluctant chefs” such as me looking for an easy way to eat healthy. 

I am rather particular about my diet and appreciate the data provided for each alternative food choice (calories, fat etc.). My beginning introduction to Freshchef was prior to the Coronavirus outbreak so I find that Freshchef is even more valuable to me since the food is delivered directly to my door on a regular basis. The other positive thing about Freshchef is you are not obligated to use the service on a regular basis. You can take a break from the food delivery if your schedule changes. Freshchef also offers choices for larger family style servings if that is something that would meet your needs. If the menu choices do not meet your needs, you can just pass on the food delivery for that week. I recommend all “reluctant or tired” chefs give Freshchef a try. I think you will be very happy with the choices and more importantly the quality of the meals. 

 Anda Oxman

Mequon Resident.


 Freshchef was a lifesaver during this stay at home quarantine period. I

received hearty, tasty, well balanced meals without leaving the house.

I would highly recommend and am very lucky my son purchased these

for me.

 Sandie Pfeiffer


Thank you for Fresh Chef.

This program of yours has worked great for us.

The kids have all moved out and we both work long hours.

Cooking for 1 person or 2 with different schedules is hard and often gets overlooked for fast food.

Freshchef has changed this for us.

During the "S.A.H." order, I sent meals to my elderly mother.

She loved it and over 4 weeks, she has lost over 8 pounds and feels better.

Keep up the good work.


 Chris Richards


I've used many fully prepared delivered  food service's and Austin's Freshchef is the best! He uses exceptional  meats, seafood and vegetables which are all local. Justin's recipes are not loaded up with carbohydrates as fillers like potatoes, pasta, rice, etc. I love that Austin acts on suggestions and has a nice variety of entrees! His recipes are outstanding and seasoned to perfection! Absolutely delicious!

Thank you Austin you've made my life a lot easier!

 Debra Donnenfield


Freshchef has helped me take control of my eating habits and opened my eyes to healthy foods that I wouldn't normally try.

I don't have amazing weight loss to share yet but having Freshchef has been key to keeping me on track with healthy habits.

Freshchef has given me hope that I will one day be at a healthy weight.

 Love the service!

Sam Bolgert


You can't beat the service of Freshchef. Austin cares about every individual order and is truly passionate about helping people be their best self. As a competitive athlete, I need to make sure my meals are on point and Freshchef has helped me do that on weeks I don't have time to cook, don't feel like cooking, or just want something better than I can make myself 😄 The meals are delicious, nutritious, and you know they're made with love! 100% recommend jumping on the Freschef train.

Savanna Joy 


I am so glad that I stumbled across this company, not only are the meals amazing but Austin truly cares about each one of his customers and their well-being. I look forward every week to my deliveries because they have made my life so much easier!

Marielle Howman


I cook with this man in the kitchen. His talent is unbelievable and he’s also beyond kind.. My mom orders his food and sends me pics every week. Healthy food that is a FULL meal. I promise you won’t be disappointed !!

Cassie Johnson


I've only been able to order a couple times, but Freshchef Meal Prep is great! Austin always puts together a great menu that is different each week with many options for those with dietary concerns. I would recommend checking this out! Here's the chicken stir fry that is delicious!

Patrick Mott